Continental WWII Air Transport Command

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Military Air Transport 1946

TimetableIn 1946 WW2 was over and ATC was in limbo. Top USAAF officials thought of it as a wartime necessity that was no longer needed. Commercial airlines opposed the idea that ATC should be developed into a military airline.

Of course all of this changed with the blockade of Berlin and the successful Berlin Airlift, but this was not until 1948.

In 1946 ATC operated M-A-T Military Air Transport “The Army’s Airline”. You are to become one of its pilots.

The flights are taken from a period time table included in this package.

You will be flying the C-54 on “The Moose” route from Great Falls to Fairbanks.

Recommended DC-4 specifications

I recommend the use of JBK DC-4 v3 with the addition of the new DC-4 panel by Darrel Woodhouse DCA 1936. Information about this panel can be found here: