Welcome to Andy Hatcher's Home Page!

Here is where I keep my friends and family updated as to what's happening in our lives. You'll find pictures, stories, blogs, and so on. I can't guarantee I'll update this on a regular basis, but I will try, so keep checking back!
My oldest stepdaughter came down this past weekend for a visit, and she brought my grandson, Castor, with her. Eric had to stay home, unfortunately, due to work. The boy is huge! He took to me right off, and I couldn't be happier! I'm so proud of Brenda and Eric. They've been through so much, but have stuck together through everything. They're finally getting on their feet good, and I am so happy for them! Brenda, Eric, Castor, I love you! Click Here for pictures.
I got my stepson, Jacob, a model rocket for Christmas, and we've been waiting for a decent weekend to launch it. We finally got a good day Saturday, so we went up to the high school and launched it eight times! We had a blast (no pun intended)! I got a couple of movies you can look at here.